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The Challenge

To pair the launch of WOW!’s new product, Whole-Home WiFi, with a brand refresh that would increase offerings, awareness and consideration for a brand with low familiarity and brand recall to current and potential customers.

Our Role

  • Integrated Strategy
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Creative Strategy
  • Television
  • Radio 
  • Out of Home
  • Internal Campaign Strategy and Launch

The Solution

By leveraging the brand’s vibrant, distinguishing color palette along with its welcoming attitude, we were able to help WOW! stand out in a category of black, blue and red. Using a bright, friendly and humble identity, we were able to position WOW! as the “surprisingly different internet, TV and phone company” that creates positive connections every day for all.

Before the brand refresh, we launched the innovative Whole-Home WiFi product. To illustrate the reach of internet and to bring color consistency to the campaign, we brought color to every corner of a house that eliminated slow zones and dead zones, even in places where connection isn’t typically as strong.

When we got ready to launch the new brand campaign, we created the inviting campaign tagline, “We’re WOW! And we’re for all.” We then paired that with a colorful custom-made couch and diverse characters to position WOW! as a company that was for all types of people and all types of internet, TV and phone users. The couch became a recognizable staple that illustrated a comfortable place where people typically interact with WOW! products.

Incredibly long multi-colored couch with a diverse set of characters, and the words "We're Wow! And we're for all."
Smiling child in a kiddie pool while a parent sits nearby using a laptop. Both have a Wifi symbol on their shirt.Long, multi-colored couch with five diverse people all wearing football jerseys.
Outdoor Billboard with four people wearing shirts with Wifi symbols, and the words "Strong Wifi in every corner of your home."Out-of-home sidewalk display with two people, one is playing a video game and the other wears a football jersey. The words read, "We're for gamers and game days. And everyone in between."

The Impact

Within a month of launching Whole-Home WiFi, WOW! outperformed their sales forecast by three times. The brand refresh was well-received, generating nothing but positive feedback both externally and internally while it brought new energy throughout the company.


The Whole-Home WiFi launch in Columbus, Ohio, and Pinellas, Florida, met its monthly goal in just two and a half weeks.

WOW! tripled their sales forecast in the first month of the Whole-Home WiFi launch.

“Launching Whole-Home WiFi touched almost every department at WOW!. It was a great example of how much can be accomplished when we all work together toward a single goal.” -The WOW! Employee Newsletter

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