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We Are Vital


When 127 blood centers across the country united to form Vitalant, we were tasked with launching the new brand and introducing it in an enticing way to attract new millennial donors— All while reinforcing that we were the same organization our current donors have known and trusted.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Connected TV Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • OOH Advertising
  • Digital Design
  • Social Strategy
  • PR Strategy


We introduced Vitalant with our national ad campaign called "We Are Vital." The line served as a memorable way to position Vitalant as a leader in the blood donation industry, while reminding donors and potential donors that their participation is vital to the blood donation and transfusion process. To get our message out, we brought together Denver's freshest filmmakers, musicians, and dancers to create a unique campaign that completely disrupted the category. By leveraging video and digital, we directly targeted our millennial audience and motivated them to donate blood. Because we are all vital— And that’s powerful.

billboard mockup featuring hand with peace sign on orange and purple gradient photo of hand holding poster with we are vital messaging
woman in purple vitalant scrubs checking patient's blood pressurevitlant campaign video featuring synchronized dancers smiling woman in vitalant scrubs talking to patient donating blood
photo of billboard with we are vital messaging and hand with peace signInstagram ads showcasing we are vital campaign imagery on purple and orange gradients


In the first month of our “We Are Vital” campaign, our video received over 3.7 million total video completions while our rich media units garnered a 32.7% interaction rate.

In this 7-week campaign, there were over 38 million impressions delivered from digital tactics. 

Digital display banners brought over 12K target audience members to the campaign landing page. 

Once on the site the target audience engaged with material and call to actions, totaling in over 44K engagements on site.

Video provided more time to connect and educate our target audience. There were 5.6 million video completions from our video tactics.

Social video proved to be the strongest video tactic, performing at a 54% video completion rate which is 2.5x the benchmark. 

The target audience interacted with our expandable rich media units 3.5x the benchmark of 9%. 

Digital radio via Pandora ran audio and display units that received a click-through rate of .09% which 50% above the benchmark.

This combination of reach and storytelling tactics helped expose the target audience to the "We Are Vital" message. 

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