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Bank of Colorado

The Ones

The Challenge

As a long-established fixture in Colorado communities for over 45 years, Bank of Colorado plays a crucial role in providing financial guidance and support. In 2020, we pivoted our campaign strategy to distribute an overlying message of positivity and unity. The ultimate goal was to uplift the community and thank the ones that kept Colorado running.

Our Role

  • Integrated Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • TV/Cable Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising

The Strategy

"The Ones" campaign recognizes the unifying power of community. And as a long-standing community bank, Bank of Colorado understands exactly what community means when the going gets tough. It’s having pride in the small businesses down the street and showing compassion for the neighbors along the block. It’s knowing that when life gets tougher, community gets stronger. 

Through integrated tactics, Bank of Colorado was able to remind customers that they are uniquely capable of supporting those in their community through times of hardship. The resulting “The Ones” campaign leverages the “There’s Only One” tagline to highlight the various traits and quirks that uniquely define Coloradans and make Colorado a state unlike any other. Through the use of punchy dual-meaning headlines, Bank of Colorado demonstrated their understanding and support of the unique businesses and individuals that call Colorado home. And as a Bank in Colorado, Bank of Colorado understands their lifestyle and is here to help them — no matter what. 

While “The Ones” is clearly an extension of the brand campaign, it’s differentiated by using tertiary brand colors, stock photography and user generated content and a more raw yet sleek art direction. 

The Impact

By putting community front and center in its actions and its words, Bank of Colorado showed employees and customers that they came first.

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