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Northern Light Health

Pivoting Maine Made Us

The Challenge

Amidst a global pandemic, communicate to already-skeptical Mainers that Northern Light Health was here for them and would remain present in their lives, no matter the circumstances. Remind Mainers that we were all in this together. Continue to quickly pivot messaging to address ever-changing conditions as the state re-opened and consumers' needs -- and concerns -- shifted.



  • Integrated Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • TV/Cable Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising

The Strategy

As a first step, we developed ads within the existing “Maine Made Us” campaign platform to remind Mainers how to be safe and take precautions during the “stay at home” order. We leveraged existing images and footage to continue communicating our foundational message: Northern Light Health is here to help keep you healthy and living the Maine lifestyle.

As the pandemic worsened, we shifted focus to promote a relatively unknown service provided by Northern Light Health: Telehealth. This messaging shift allowed us to reinforce the importance of ongoing care, despite the order to stay at home.

As Maine began to reopen and allow non-emergency healthcare services and procedures, we again pivoted – this time leaning into consumer research that told us that healthcare professionals were currently among the most trusted sources of information. So we featured images of actual Northern Light Health providers in-environment across the system. Because of travel restrictions, our team couldn't go to Maine. So we worked with the Northern Light Health in-house photography/videography team and directed them from 2,000 miles away via email, video, and phone calls, reviewing footage and assets on a daily basis to ensure we had what we needed. 

Research also told us that consumers were overwhelmingly looking for straightforward, no-nonsense communication. They wanted facts and reassurance, so we developed this campaign iteration to focus specifically on the current situation and provide our audience with the safe return information they were craving. 

Additionally, our media team quickly modified a total of nine media plans (representing the system and all member organizations) to adjust timing and budgets.

The Results

  • Unaided awareness of Northern Light Health is up 47% YOY
  • Aided awareness is up to 91%
  • Our "Safe Return" ads brought the most engaged leaders to the website of the full year's campaign
  • Telehealth visits increased 70% YOY
  • "Northern Light Health" as a keyword saw an 8% increase in search volume YOY

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