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Northern Light Health

Maine Made Us


Introduce Northern Light Health—formerly Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems— to Mainers in a way that is relevant, authentic, and informational. Show that Northern Light Health is Maine focused and Maine proud, and realign the preexisting public perception of Northern Light Health from a series of hospitals to an integrated healthcare system.



  • Integrated Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • TV/Cable Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Digital Design
  • Website Content Strategy


Develop a campaign that showcases real Mainers doing what they do. Each of our headlines— including Maine Made Us Tough, Maine Made Us Explorers, and Maine Made Us Inspired— represents not only the way Mainers live, but how Northern Light Health supports patients to help them keep living the Maine lifestyle. We incorporated the shared values of the Northern Light Health system and the Mainers we serve to create affinity, trust, and choice.

Photos of 3 Northern light ads featuring woman hiking, woman fishing, and man in lumber millMan on hunting trip with dog in truck
woman holding newborn baby in fieldbehind the scenes look at video shoot in MaineCase study artboards for Northern Light Health
Northern Light Health Case Study Videonorthern light health ad on an iphone screen


In just the first month of the campaign...

  • 212,000+ :30 video completions
  • Qualified traffic from digital ads garnered a .16% landing rate (315% above benchmark)
  • PPC keywords show the highest search and click volume for "northern light health", indicating that our awareness vehicles are working

In the campaign's duration...

  • Brand awareness went from zero to 60% within the first 6 months
  • Over 127MM paid media impressions, with 67MM of those having been served statewide


  • Maine Made Us took home the 2019 Lamplighter Award. The yearly competition is open to all New England healthcare institutions, health plans, and agencies
  • At the 36th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards by Healthcare Marketing Report, Maine Made Us won silver in the category Total Advertising Campaign with TV

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