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North America is home to hundreds of individual property restoration companies ranging from very large to small local businesses; all that look and sound alike. But, when they combine forces, they can disrupt the industry. That was the vision that inspired the unification of US-based Interstate Restoration with Canadian-based FirstOnSite and eight other like-minded property restoration companies across the continent. The problem? Each independent company had established brands, cultures, and values of their own. For these companies to successfully join together as a united force for good, this new company would require a single brand, identity, purpose, and set of values that had to resonate with thousands of team members.They would also need to unite partners, government entities, customers and businesses across three countries and in multiple languages throughout North America. 


  • Brand Definition and Positioning

  • Message Platform Development

  • Key Leadership Interviews

  • Consumer Journey Mapping

  • Brand Naming

  • Visual Identity

  • Logo Development

  • Creative Strategy and Design

  • Brand Launch Strategy

  • Brand Video
  • Uniforms, Fleet, and Promotional Item Design

  • Employee, Partner and Customer Launch
  • Media Strategy, Planning, and Buying

  • Content Strategy and Planning

  • Integrated Campaign Strategy

  • Website/Landing Page Design and Development

  • Digital Strategy and Design

  • Social Media Strategy and Design

  • Research and Analysis


First, we conducted a series of in-person interviews and workshops with key leadership and employees to understand each company's values, cultures, business, and clients. We then used our insights to establish a brand strategy that aligned the collective companies and articulated its value to external and internal communications. This strategy included a unifying purpose that would serve as the north star: To be the only partner you'll ever need, NO MATTER WHAT. Next we developed a brand identity with powerful imagery, a purposeful messaging platform, a bold new logo, all under a singular name: FIRST ONSITE. This name would represent the ability to mobolize at a moments notice and the brand's purpose: to help clients Restore, Rebuild, and Rise. 

Most importantly we introduced the new FIRST ONSITE to the internal team. This included a brand video, personal communications, town halls, emails and more. This internal campaign enabled us to familiarize the thousands of collective team members with the new brand, its purpose, values, and culture. Next, we introduced FIRST ONSITE to clients and external audiences across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico through targeted content and media strategies, plus a newly developed and designed US and Canada websites in three languages. 


By unifying everything under one brand, we successfully and authentically combined 8+ restoration companies as one company, one single force for good. In addition, we communicated FIRST ONSITE’s superior services and unique power to deploy the best talent anywhere in North America. All while creating a professional and world class image and preparing to disrupt the industry by establishing national standards for customer service. 

This new collection of strengths, resources, experiences, and team members allowed us to position FIRST ONSITE as North America’s property restoration leader. All while disrupting category conventions on industry image and customer service expectations. 

To aid in new brand awareness we launched a targeted digital campaign that included Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Programmatic Display, resulting in: 

  • 7.8K PPC clicks to the site with a click-thru-rate of 2.07%; more than double the standard industry benchmark

  • Compared to its competitors FIRST ONSITE has the majority impression share in PPC 

  • In the first month, the display campaign delivered more than 2,600 users to the site for a landing rate of 0.03%

“It is a big day for our collective teams to celebrate as we transition into living this amazing brand.” — Jeff Johnson, FIRST ONSITE Chairman (Brand launch day 2020)

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