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Arrow Five Years Out

Innovation for tomorrow


Arrow Electronics is a Fortune 150 company, and yet most people don’t know what they do or why they do it. They needed a way to tell their brand story to the world, provide a vehicle online to deliver this message, and pay off high-exposure marketing campaigns.


  • User Experience Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • Content Strategy 
  • Development 
  • Technology Architecture


Karsh Hagan created a new website experience around the idea of Five Years Out which highlights the forward-focused vision that serves as a single brand voice across everything Arrow does. The goal of the website was to be true to the brand’s innovative spirit using a new visual look and brand language focusing on why they do what they do. To achieve this we featured solutions-based stories like transforming a Corvette into a semi-autonomous car to allow a paraplegic race car driver to drive again, or bringing electricity and computers to rural Africa. And to deliver this experience, the site was created and hosted on an innovative application framework to meet the needs of high-volume spikes of traffic from broadcast advertising and being always-on for its audience.

Beautifully designed custom navigation module for the Five Years Out website.Employee looking at a pin board covered in samples, notes, drawings and pictures.
The Five Years Out website displayed across two iPads.Dramatically lit shot of the Arrow SAM race car with bright headlights.The Five Years Out website displayed across two iPads.
The Five Years Out website displayed across four iPhones.Extreme closeup of an eye pupil reflecting LED lights.


During the first release of the site, it received flash traffic of nearly 10,000 concurrent visitors at the moment a prominent ad campaign ran on broadcast TV. The site has since supported hundreds of thousands of visitors seeking to better understand what, why and how Arrow Electronics helps big thinkers innovate.

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