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Clear Creek County Tourism

Adventure Guide

The Challenge

Many people make the trek up I-70 to go skiing or hiking and enjoy everything the mountains have to offer. So, the question was, how do we get them to stop along the way and experience the places they are driving by? Clear Creek County offers many of the same amenities and attractions as other Colorado hot-spots, but potential visitors are unaware of what they are missing while enroute to a further location. Our challenge was to steer those driving up I-70 to the many options the county has to offer. Or, even better, make Clear Creek County a desired destination.

Our Role

  • Platform Research
  • Personalization Strategy
  • User Experience Strategy
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web App Development
  • SEO

The Solution

One of the most challenging things to achieve when looking for things to do, or where to eat or stay, is figuring out which one might be right for you. Having previously worked with the Clear Creek County Tourism Bureau on their interactive map, we understood their goals and challenges of trying to attract and keep visitors within the county. Operating closely with the Clear Creek County Tourism board, we created a mobile-first itinerary selector that quickly presents potential visitors and passers by with an intuitive experience that reveals things they might like to see and do. We utilized a mobile-first UI design to ensure the itinerary experience was fun, exceptionally mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate while on the road. The itinerary builder asks five simple questions to help you find food and activities that you may not have known existed in Clear Creek County. Whether you’re stopping by for a few hours or staying for a few days, the itinerary builder has the answers you’re searching for.

Clear Creek website's Itinerary Builder shown on a laptop.Clear Creek website's Itinerary Builder shown on a iPhone.
A cartoon old-timey miner at the entrance to a mine, saying "Thank You! Your personalized itinerary has been sent.A printed cartoon map of Clear Creek County with a large cartoon miner and donkey.Photograph of a colorful, old-timey train surging through the mountains.

The Impact

We provided a simple mobile solution that met a need, and guess what, it worked!  The results have been phenomenal. The itinerary builder has been used more than eight thousand times, making it the top-ranked page on their site, with a 56% conversion rate. Since people were already organically searching for things to do in Clear Creek County, we simply placed a personalized pop-up on their site that prompted users to utilize the app. While originally developed to attract visitors for the summer, the flexibility and architecture of the itinerary builder allowed for the tool’s purpose to continue into the fall and winter seasons as well. A win-win all around.

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