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Karsh Hagan is Rebranding as Hagan Karsh

Ben Rindels, senior copywriter | 

Karsh Hagan is Rebranding as Hagan Karsh

We Are Pioneers of Brave Ideas and Bold Rebrandings

After spending 45 years elevating what’s possible for our clients, it’s time we elevate what’s possible for ourselves. 

As of April 1st, 2022, Karsh Hagan is officially rebranding as Hagan Karsh. 

We’re a business made of culture-makers and trendsetters, so we understand that the world is always changing. That means it was necessary to evaluate how we can best change with it. After months of extensive market research, focus groups, and collaboration with brand consultants and shadow boards, this rebranding was influenced by the following findings: 

  • 58% of Millennials and 79% of Gen Zers are more likely to trust a business if the words in its name are in alphabetical order.
  • Businesses that begin with the letter H are 35% more likely to experience financial returns above their industry competitors.
  • 73% of focus group participants responded that “Hagan Karsh” is a better reflection of our purpose-led values. 
  • 83% of focus group participants responded that “Hagan Karsh” was easier to say.
  • 65% of job seekers consider the ease of saying a business’ name when weighing employment opportunities.

With this change to our name, we also developed a new aesthetically-pleasing logo that’s bold and disruptive. Subtle, yet powerful. By moving ‘Hagan’ in front of ‘Karsh’, we’re nodding to our longstanding roots and core values while indicating that we’re not afraid to look towards the future.

If there’s anything we’ve learned in our 45 years of business, it’s to have faith in a big idea. We believe that this new rebranding and era of Hagan Karsh is our boldest idea yet. 

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