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Alex Malloy: Employee Spotlight

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Alex Malloy: Employee Spotlight

Since 2020, we’ve all been on the wildest ride, pandemic aside, with dramatic shifts in social movements, culture, and politics, come changes in how media is consumed, consumer values, and brand loyalty.

Now more than ever, transparency, personality, and authenticity go the farthest when it comes to brand retention and defining one’s place in the social media landscape. With Millenials and Gen Z holding some of the largest and impactful purchasing power, brands who don’t adapt will find themselves struggling to tread water.

Meet Our Social Expert: Alex

Alexandra Malloy is Karsh Hagan’s new Social Media Community Manager. She joins as a critical part of the Insights Team; and is here to help integrate social strategy, push brands to examine their values and content, and use data to inform decision-making. With a background in journalism, Alex takes a narrative approach to her strategy, knows each platform like the back of her hand, and is a compelling writer. She is currently working to support VF Foundation, SonderMind, Pana, and our agency social channels.

Before joining Karsh Hagan, Alex worked in the ski industry, most recently as the Communications and Social Media Manager at Loon Montain Resort. She led all PR, content management, community management, social media strategy, and crisis communications. By working on small teams, where plans can be completely derailed by weather, she’s gritty, scrappy, and more than happy to interview in the middle of a snowstorm. Alex is a perfect complement to the KH team and is adept at rolling with the constantly evolving world of social and digital.

Fostering a deep sense of personality is key to brand success in the social era. This is done through rigorous community engagement and content creation—the more robust and variety of content, the better. For Alex, it’s not about the elusive algorithm; it’s about remaining true to oneself. Social media consumers want to align, feel heard, and feel validated when it comes to both supporting a brand and purchasing. Being bold varies from brand to brand, but being bold is the way we do business.

Let us share success stories on how integrating organic social can build brand and community. 

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