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37 Years and Counting Still a Great Place to Work

By Karsh Hagan | 

37 Years and Counting Still a Great Place to Work

Karsh Hagan is a great place to work. Ask our employees. And to confirm it we were recently recognized as one of Denver’s Top Workplaces. There were a series of questions answered by our team and evaluated by a third party. All good stuff.

But what do we think it takes to create a good workplace? 37 years ago, Karsh Hagan’s mission was established. Have fun. Do good work. Make money. (And we try to accomplish one, two or all three of these on any given day.) Over the years not much has changed, we are still true to this mantra.

However, there are a few other considerations which I believe are as important as pay, passion and people.

We’re transparent.
We tell it like it is. We tell the truth.  And we always try to do the right thing.

We laugh out loud.
If you can’t hear laughter in the office, something’s off.  Laughter is the cure for most things. Mistakes, a bad day or a challenging client.

We come and go.
Our team has the freedom to work the hours that work for them and their families.

We’re appreciative.
We work to ensure the team at Karsh Hagan feels valued and respected every day.

No matter who’s evaluating our culture this is how we measure ourselves.

Post by: Kathy Hagan Brown, Co-President

Pocky, Kathy, Tom and Phil

Pocky Marranzino, Kathy Hagan, Tom Hagan and Phil Karsh

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