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At Karsh Hagan, we strive to never stop learning, and want to inspire everyone to do the same. Our dynamic and innovative work serves to encourage future students and scholars to continue their education at one of Colorado’s many prestigious schools. We’ve worked alongside institutions like The University of Colorado (Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, the University of Colorado Boulder and University of Colorado Denver), Colorado Mountain College, and Regis University to help their students find success.



If you scroll through our work, you’ll get a sense of what we are capable of. If you like what you see, let’s strike up a conversation.

CU in the City Campaign Case Study

CU Denver


CU Denver Campaign Case Study

Giving new purpose to learning


UCCS fuels SUCCESS Campaign Case Study




Higher Education is the key to influencing and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. See the work we’ve created in the name of higher education and learn more about how we’ve generated impact for these extraordinary institutions.

Karsh Hagan Named Best Web Development

Over the past year, the interactive team at Karsh Hagan has worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of digital design to provide our audiences with useful, usable and compelling digital solutions.

Prototype Everything

Elevating with InVision.

DVLP DNVR 2018 Recap

Karsh Hagan joined Develop Denver for their seventh annual DVLP DNVR conference in RiNo to see what kinds of new hotness Denver's tech community is hyping, shading and ghosting.


  • After launching CU Denver’s campaign, “Learn with Purpose,” website traffic increased by 40% and organic search increased by 27%.
  • Our “CU in the City” campaign for CU Denver resulted in 163 million impressions in its first year.
  • Our digital media efforts for a CU Boulder masters program generated leads 4x higher than the goal with a cost-per-lead that was 53% lower than the goal.
  • The University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ “UCCS fuels SUCCESS” campaign won Gold and Bronze awards for the TV commercial and the Viewbook, respectively, at the 2018 CASE conference.
  • Our branding campaign with Regis University supported enrollment and reinforced positive feelings among alumni, which contributed to the success of the largest fundraising effort in Regis history, and helped raise over $82 million.
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