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Culture and Careers

Harness Your Hustle

In 1977, Phil Karsh and Tom Hagan founded Karsh Hagan on the love of big ideas. Ideas that changed how people viewed the world and their lives in it. That spirit still runs through our veins. It’s what keeps us focused. It’s what keeps us hungry. 

Over the years as we’ve grown, we’ve complemented their original vision with a purpose-driven mission and the strategies needed to thrive in this fast-paced, socially connected world. We help our clients solve business challenges that bring into focus the things that matter most to them, their consumers and their community.

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People working at a table and a painted deer head.
A painted roller skate and wall decorations.
People working in an open workspace.
Exterior of the Bluebird theater.
Karsh Hagan illustrated scarf.
metal toy pig
Painted wall decoration.
Stuffed animal dunking a basketball.
Eraser for big mistakes

Your Best Work is Calling

We call on all the rebels and risk takers, the makers and the innovators, the crafty and courageous. Working at Karsh Hagan means forging your own path, pursuing your passion and elevating what’s possible. Don’t see your position open? Send us your resume and a message saying hi. We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals.

Close-up of a foosball table.
Karsh Hagan branded patches.
Pocky light-up sign


People don’t just come to Karsh Hagan to do the best work of their lives. They come here to have fun. To laugh. To love the place they work as much as they love the work they do. On any given day you can find us off-site collaborating with clients, researching trends, speaking at conferences, expanding our minds and exploring the country and the globe. We host parties with local artists and musicians. Our South by South Broadway series brings the trends we see at South by Southwest to Denver. Our Profiles of Purpose series brings in local leaders to tell their inspiring stories of passion and purpose. In the summer, our people have the freedom to soak up the sun; in the winter we know a good powder day when we see it. That’s why Colorado Biz named Karsh Hagan a top company in 2018.