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Harness Your Hustle

In 1977, Phil Karsh and Tom Hagan founded Karsh Hagan on the love of big ideas. Ideas that changed how people viewed the world and their lives in it. That spirit still runs through our veins. It’s what keeps us focused. It’s what keeps us hungry. 

Over the years as we’ve grown, we’ve complemented their original vision with a purpose-driven mission and the strategies needed to thrive in this fast-paced, socially connected world. We help our clients solve business challenges that bring into focus the things that matter most to them, their consumers and their community.

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We are consistently challenging ourselves to cultivate a more inclusive environment. While there’s still lots to do, our efforts include a 25-year endowment with the University of Colorado Boulder to encourage diversity in our industry; sponsoring the Denver Ad School’s Black Creativity Matters Scholarship Fund; updating our internal HR practices and employees benefits; forming a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee; and evolving how we recruit, hire, and train diverse peoples.



Why diversity? Why now? Why us? 

Diversity because this is a wake-up call long overdue.

Diversity because we’ve all fallen short. 

Diversity because people of color make up only 30% of our industry. 

And because 100% of its employees need to do better.  

Diversity because racial injustice is real.

Because discrimination based on skin color, creed, age, gender, and sexual orientation exists. 

And because nothing will change until we do. 

Diversity because we were founded on a big idea.

What if that big idea was to elevate what’s possible for diverse peoples?  

To be allies through action.

To create a culture of belonging from top to bottom.

To forge a path toward a more colorful Colorado. 

Diversity because we are not afraid to ask the hard questions.

So let’s not be afraid to ask the hard ones about our own power, privilege, and racial bias. 

Diversity because we are pioneers of brave ideas.

May our bravest ideas be to listen, self-educate, and understand.

To recognize the experiences and history of America.

To gain perspective on the history we are living today. 

To build a more diverse Karsh Hagan.

To be transparent and hold ourselves accountable in doing so. 

Diversity because it’s never too late to do better.

Diversity because life without it would be very boring. 

Diversity because inclusion is the engine of new ideas. 

Diversity because we are a purpose-driven agency.

And purpose does not discriminate.

Diversity because inclusion will change the world. 

And inclusion only works when we all work for it.